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Chemmit analyzers are ideal solutions for the requirements of the chemical and petrochemical industries. For the most demanding applications are without problems.

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W3113SY Aluminum Analyzer

Wet Chemistry Analyzer with Colorimetric Detection of Aluminum concentrationin water via Syringe dosing action

Product Features
  • Based on a 24-bit Single Chip Processor
  • Wide range, high accuracy & stability
  • Automatic sampling analysis and calibration
  • Easy operation & steep learning curve
  • Measuring cycle adjustable
  • User friendly graphical interface
  • Reagents saving and cost saving
  • Sophisticated PID light source control
  • Automatic data storage
  • Isolated I/O design can anti-pulse interference
  • USB expansion function
  • Wet chemistry (via precise Syringe dosing method)
  • Experienced professional analysis skills
  • Special valve with high temperature & pH resistance
  • LCD color touch screen panel with multi-languages
  • Aluminum is usually used as coagulant during the water purified process in water treatment plants and water companies. However, after the procedure, some aluminum might remain in the water. Human who consume excess aluminum will lead to central nervous system disorders and dementia. Nevertheless, the concentration of the aluminum ion cannot be identified by naked eyes.
  • Chemmit W3113SY Aluminum Analyzer is specialized in monitoring process in water treatment plants, especially water companies which have severe regulations for the aluminum content in drinking water.
  • Chemmit W3113SY uses aluminum to measure the aluminum concentration in water. This analyzer can self-diagnose and ensure aluminum concentration following the regulation of EPA.
  • Shorten sampling analysis’ period, low reagent consumption, automatic calibration, adjustable time of reaction and analysis.

Operational Principle

Chemmit W3113SY Aluminum Analyzer uses aluminon method to measure the concentration of aluminum ions in the liquid.
Firstly, aluminum ion reacts upon aluminum reagent. Secondly, the analyzer uses wavelength of 520nm colored light to beam sample and analyze it which will result in linear growth. According to the linear growth, analyzer can covert it to the concentration of aluminum.
The reaction goes pretty fast at room temperature, so ascorbic acid is needed to discard the interference with iron ions in the water. Automatic pumping extracts accurate sampling and reagents, herewith sample and reagent can be mixed at precious rate.



Titration is also known as titrimetry and determines the concentration of an identified solution. Since volume measurements plays a specific role in titration, we deliver titrant precisely and accurately with our syringe desig. Acids, alkalinity, causticicity, carbonate, cyanide, hardness, iron, peroxide, silver content and many other analyses are common applications across a wide variety of process industries.

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