• Chemmit W3107
  • Chemmit W3107
  • Chemmit W3107
  • Chemmit W3107
Chemmit W3107
Chemmit W3107
Chemmit W3107
Chemmit W3107
Chemmit W3107
A Wet chemistry Analyzer for measuring Concentration of Ammonia in Water
following the colorimetric detection via Salicylate method.
The ChemMIT W3107SY Ammonia Analyzer is specialized in detecting the ammonia concentration in the wastewater from industries, particularly the petroleum refinery industries.
Principle of Operation
The principle of Ammonia analyzer is based of US EPA Method 350.1. Ammonia reacts with salicylate and hypochloride ions, giving a green color solution which color is proportional to the concentration of the ammonia ion. The color is detected by measuring the increase in absorption at a specific wavelength. ChemMIT W3107SY Ammonia Analyzer is designed with a photometer to accurately detect the presence of ammonia ions in the solution. To avoid interferences, ChemMIT W3107SY uses a stabilizer to enhance the accuracy and precision of the results.
The reagents are delivered by peristaltic pumps, which accurately transfer each reagent to the reactor. With a user programmable reaction time, ammonia analyzer provides a fast, efficient way to detect the concentration of ammonia nitrogen level in drinking or effluent water.
General Specifications
Function Wet Chemistry Analyzer for Measuring Ammonia Concentration in Water
Type W3107 
Installation Floor installation, IP65
Wire 3 x PG13 (multiple cables, each cable PG13)
Dimensions 1250 x 550 x 430mm (HxWxD)
Range 0-1ppm to 0~200 ppm (Adjustable up to 300ppm)
Accuracy ±3 %
Repeatability ±3 %
Response time 15 minutes to 2 hours (reaction time can be adjusted)
Light source Special LED beam source
Auto-calibration Adjustable calibration interval. Two-points calibration.
Display 7” colored touch screen display
Self-diagnosis The system is continuously self-analyzing. The error management helps to identify the problems.
(Display errors and save historic data)
Sample Conditions Reagent and Utility Requirements
Temperature 1 to 45℃ Power 110VAC~240VAC 50∕60Hz or (24VDC)
Bypass flow 50 – 1,000 cc/min ISE 3/8” tube connection
Sample connection via syringe valve, p
ressure is less than 10 bars
Reagent Depending on automatic analysis interval, normally sufficient for 30 days usage
Suspended solids 200 micron or less    
Optional accessory Automatic backwash filter SF1106    
Environmental Conditions Signal Output per channel
Temperature 0 - 60℃ Standard 2 sets 4-20 mA outputs and relay,
RS232 is standard (Option:RS485)
Humidity 0 to 99% non-condensing Alarm contacts 2 alarm relay outputs, 0 - 100 % adjustable
    Storage data 50,000 data. USB data expand function