• P5228 Electroless Nickel Controller
P5228 Electroless Nickel Controller
P5228 Electroless Nickel Controller
• Based on a 24-bit high-resolution A/D converter
• Automatic sampling analysis
• Photometric method for determining Nickel concentration in the plating bath
• Measuring cycle time adjustable
• Lamps for status alarm & failure alarm
• 2-stage abnormal & shutdown alarm
• Self-diagnosis & friendly calibration setting
• Highly stable and accurate with a wide measuring range
• 7” LCD color touch panel display
• Reagents free and cost-saving
• Simultaneously display parameters of Nickel, pH, temperature and analysis cycle time
• Graphical interface easy to operate and understand
• Language support in English and Chinese
• Automatic data storage with capacity up to 5000 historical records. (User could expend memory by using 32/64GB flash disk.)

In the electroplating industry, nickel sulfate solution is the main raw material for nickel electroplating and chemical nickel plating. The solution is dark green color. The color depth of the solution depends upon the concentration. The P5228 Nickel Analyzer is designed for monitoring the nickel-plating bath at all times, available to ensure that when the nickel concentration and/or pH fall below their pre-set values, a control unit will command the auto-dosing system to accurately replenish dosage whenever might be required and maintain the optimal pH value and concentration in anytime.

Operational Principle
Following Beer-Lambert Law, it states that the quantity of light absorbed by a substance dissolved is directly proportional to the concentration of the substance and the path length of the light through the solution. The Nickel ion (Ni-) electrolyte solution can absorb the visible light from specific LED wavelength. We follow this photometric method for determining Nickel concentration in plating bath. Both pH and temperature are important factors in the plating process. Electron-transfer reactions could change pH value, in addition, it could affect the stability of the plating solution and the morphology of the coating, which ultimately affects the quality of the electroplated finished product. As regard to the significance of temperature, the analyzer is equipped with a cooling device to cool down the heat of Nickel sample, in order to protect the mechanical parts (such as measuring cell and detection module) from overheating.
General Specifications
Function Nickel concentration, pH, temperature monitor and control for the electroless Nickel plating process
Model P5228
Installation Freestanding type
Housing IP65
Dimensions H740*W550*L335mm
Range Ni+:0- 10 g/L, 0- 14 pH, 0- 100ºC
Accuracy Ni+: <±0.5 % of F.S. Range, pH:±0.01, Temperature:±0.2ºC
Repeatability Ni: 0.01g/L, pH: 0.01, Temperature: 0.1ºC
Measurement Mode Real time and continous monitoring 
Data Log Simultaneously display parameters of Nickel, pH, temperature, and analysis status, nickel usage cycle, nickel adding volumes.
Auto-dosing 5 connection points for the supplement for Nickel dosages and pH solutions
Shutdown Alarm Abnormal detection of concentration, pH value and temperature (adjustable of high and low-point)
Light source/ detector Special LED with approx. 3 years of life span. Photodiode
Calibration 2-point manual calibration, high point, and low point
Principle 24-bit Single-Chip Controller; high integrated SMD Technology, 24-bit AD-Converting. Signal filtration, simulation of the stability of wiring
Display 7” LCD color touch panel display
Self-Diagnosis The system is continuously self-diagnosis. The error management helps to identify problems. (Display errors and save historic data)
Sample Conditions • Sample temperature: a condensation device is equipped to cool down the sample and
• control temperature under 40 °C
• Sample flow: Continuous, 25 to 230 ml/min
• Sample connection: use of the external pump
• Suspended solids: 200 microns or less
• Ambient operating temperature: 0 – 40 °C
• Ambient operating humidity: Up to 95 % RH non-condensing
Electrical Conditions Power supply ranges:115 / 230 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz,<500 Watt
Analog Outputs 1 isolated current output, 4-20mA Range. With the option of RS485
Alarms / Relay outputs 8 relays:
• 1 sampling control relay
• 1 analysis alarm relay
• 1 failure alarm relay
• 5 connection points for fully user-assignable relays