• W3129 Copper On-Line Analyzer
W3129 Copper On-Line Analyzer
W3129 Copper On-Line Analyzer
• Based on a 24-bit high-resolution A/D converter
• Automatic sampling analysis and auto-calibration
• Measuring cycle time adjustable
• Wet chemistry analysis with Cuprizone method

• Quantitative syringe pump to dose small volumes of fluid extremely accurately 
• Sampling valve can resist high temperature, corrosion, acid and alkaline 
• Self-diagnosis & friendly calibration setting
• User-friendly graphical interface
• Highly stable and accurate with a wide measuring range
• 7” LCD color touch panel display
• Reagents free and cost-saving
• Language support in English and Chinese
• Automatic data storage with capacity up to 5000 historical records.
  (User could expend memory by using 32GB/64GB flash disk.)
• Predicting alarm for shortage of chemical reagents


There is a large growth in copper industry in the recent years. Compares to other metals, copper has a high conductivity, malleability, and relatively low price. It is now plays a major role in semi-conductor industry. However, ionized copper in water is biologically hazardous. The presence of copper dissolved in water usually gives out a transparent blue colored solution. However, a few ppm of copper can cause death to most living things. Such trace amount of copper cannot be distinguished by naked eyes. Chemmit W3129 Copper Analyzer is designed for industries, especially the semi-conductor industry, which produces enormous amount of copper in effluent water. This analyzer uses cuprizone method to determine the concentration of copper in the solution. It offers a fast, cheap and clean analysis, with fully automatic calibration and user adjustable reaction time and analysis cycle. This Analyzer is self-monitoring, ensuring the wastewater follows the EPA standard all the time.

Application Principle

ChemMIT W3219 Copper Analyzer uses cuprizone method to detect the presence of copper ions in the solution. A simplified chemical equation to illustrate the reaction is:
Cu + Cuprizone Cu Cuprizone complex

In general, copper ions react with cuprizone, producing a blue color complex. By measuring the absorption at the wavelength around 595~600nm, the concentrations yields a continuous line, which can then be used to determine the concentration of copper ions. The reaction is normally fast under ambient temperature, but a buffer must be used to maintain the pH around 7.5~9.5 to avoid interferences. The sample and reagents are delivered through automatic pumps, providing thorough mixing and precise reagents ratio per reaction. After a user programmed reaction time, the resultant product is sent to the photometer for detection.
General Specifications
Function Wet Chemistry Analyzer for Measurement of Concentration of Copper in Water, following the Colorimetric Detection via Cuprizone Method.
Model W3129
Installation Freestanding Type
Protection Class IP65
Dimensions H1250* W550* D430mm
Range 0-1mg/L , 0-5mg/L, to 0~20 mg /L (Option up to 0-50mg/L)
Accuracy F.S ±3 %
Repeatability F.S ±3 %
Optical Module Special LED, dual beams, auto gaining design, 24-bit high-resolution A/D converter, long life span, auto compensation of light intensity, and with system automatic light source abnormal judgment
Response Time 30 minutes per measurement
Measuring Cycle Time User selectable 0 to 1,000 minutes per measuring cycle
Auto Cleaning User selectable 1 to 3 times. Every time lasts for 15 minutes
Auto Calibration Automatic calibration. Can switch to manual calibration, high- and low- point
Shutdown Alarm • Concentration abnormal alarm (adjustable of high-point)
• System error alarm
Display 7” LCD color touch panel display
Self-Diagnosis The system is continuously self-diagnosis. The error management helps to identify problems. (Display errors and save historical data)
Electrical Conditions Power supply ranges:115 / 230 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz,<500 Watt
Certification CE Mark (Certificate No. 3X180605.KSIUN08)
Language Support Chinese, English
Sample Conditions • Sample temperature: 0 to 45 °C
• Sample flow: Continuous, 50 to 1,000 ml/min
• Sample consumption: 10ml/ analysis nominal
• Sample connection: use external pump connect with 4.75mm Teflon tube
• Suspended solids: 200 microns or less
• Ambient operating temperature: 0 – 60 °C 
• Ambient operating humidity: Up to 95 % RH non-condensing
Analog Outputs 1x isolated current output, 4-20mA range. With option of RS485
Relay Outputs 1x alarm reply. With the option of extending up to 4 fully user-assignable relays
Data Storage Automatic data storage with capacity up to 5000 historical records. (User could expend memory by using 32GB/64GB flash disk.)