• A7230 Turbidity/Suspended Solids Meter & Sensor
A7230 Turbidity/Suspended Solids Meter & Sensor
A7230 Turbidity/Suspended Solids Meter & Sensor
• 4.3” LCD color touch panel displa
• Built-in I/O module, anti-signal interference and pulse
• Signal processing integrated in digital sensor to improve measuring stability
• Highly stable and accurate with wide measuring range
• With both sided swing wiper auto cleaning system
• Lenses are made of hard-to-scratch sapphire glass
• Auto alarm, auto detection, and auto calibration
• User-friendly graphical interface
• Available in language of English and Chinese
• Display with historical trend curve
• Automatic data storage and data acquisition with capacity up to 14,000 historical records

• The automatic alarm of a shortage of liquid chemical replenishment dosing

Product Introduction
Chemmit A7230 turbidity/ SS meter & sensor uses the infrared-based sensing technology for continuous 24/7 monitoring and instantaneous notification of abnormalities in the water quality. With light source at a wavelength of 860nm, this can help compensate for color interference and in optical changes such as lamp degradation. We designed and developed this product that greatly suits for various industries.

Typical Applications
  • Monitoring the final discharged water
  • Controlling the coagulation agent
  • Controlling the water recycle system
  • Controlling the rinse water
General Specifications - Controller
Model A7230
Housing Material ABS/UPVC
Protection Class IP65
Dimensions W213* H185* D104.5mm, weight: Approx. 1.5kgs
Resoluction 0.1
Accuracy F.S ±5 %
Repeatability F.S ±3 %
Power Supply Standard: 90- 264 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Option: 24VDC
Power Consumption Less than 100 W
Max. loading Resistance load of 750Ω or less
Relays 2x relays
Alarm relays 2x alarm relay output,SPDT type
Current Output Accuracy ±0.00015mA@ 25ºC
Communication Outputs 4 – 20 mA isolated, RS232, RS-485(Modbus)
Operating Temperature 0~55°C(32〜131°F), humidity 95%Rh or less (Avoid direct sunlight)
Auto Recording Automatic data acquisition with capacity up to 5,000 historical records.
Digital Input Scanning Adjustable scanning interval between 1sec~ 60 sec.
Language Support Chinese, English
Self-Diagnosis The system is continuously self-diagnosis. The error management helps to identify problems. (Display errors and save historical data)
General Specifications - Turbidity Sensors/ SS sensors
Model • TC-100: 0-100 FTU
• TC-500: 0-500 FTU
• TC-3000: 0-3000 FTU
• TCS-1000: 0-1000 mg/L
• TS-MxS-A: 0-50000 mg/L
Power • TC-100/ TC-500/ TC-3000: DC12V±10%
• TS-MxS-A: DC24V±10%
Power Consumption At regular operation: 30mA (Max.), At cleaning operation: 240mA (Max.) (excluding analog signal output)
Output Analog (4-20mA) signal output: resistance load of 300 (Max.) Self-checking output: open collector (12VDC 20mA Max.)
Input Calibration signal input
Cleaning Device Both sided swing wiper auto cleaning system
Cleaning Interval Clean once immediately after power-on.
• TC-100: Clean in every 30 minutes
• TC-500/TC-3000/TCS-1000: Clean in every 10 minutes
• TS-MxS-A: Selectable 10 to 240 minutes
Body Material SUS 316L, Sapphire glass, Fluorocarbon rubber, EPDM, POM
Size • TC-100/TC-500/TC-3000: Ø 32x163mm
• TCS-1000: Ø 32x170mm
• TS-MxS-A: ø48 x 133 mm
Weight • TC-100/TC-500/TC-3000/TCS-1000: approx. 930g
• TS-MxS-A: approx. 1.0kg
Protective Class IP 68, maximum depth of 2 meters (underwater type)
Cable Length 10m
Operating Temperature 0-40°C (unfrozen)
Optional accessories Mounting attachment (TA-1), Maintenance kit (TC-MK)