• A7278 Multi-parameter Meter & Sensor for water analysis
A7278 Multi-parameter Meter & Sensor for water analysis
A7278 Multi-parameter Meter & Sensor for water analysis
To measures pH, DO, Free Chlorine, Ammonia, Turbidity and COD
• Based on a 24-bit high-resolution A/D converter

• 4.3” LCD color touch panel display
• Built-in I/O module, anti-signal interference and pulse
• Signal processing integrated in digital sensor to improve measuring reliability and stability
• Auto alarm, auto detection, and auto calibration
• User-friendly graphical interface
• Available in language of English and Chinese
• Automatic data storage and memory expendable by using USB
• Remote communication optional: Transfer onsite data via NB-IoT/ 4G/ WIFI wireless transmission
• Optional: Auto-cleaning wiper

Product Introduction
Chemmit A7278 Multi-parameter meter & sensor is designed and developed that greatly suits for various industries for a continuous 24/7 monitoring of water quality. It is consisted of a compact-designed controller and one (or two) probes which allow mix and match of various parameters (such as pH, DO, COD, Chlorine, Conductivity, Temperature, Turbidity, Suspended Solids, Chlorophyll, Algae, etc. The system can work through website for simontaneous monitoring, review of historical trends and many other functions, at the same time, the user can remote control through a computer for function settings, monitoring alarms, conditional report production, and report data output.

Typical Applications
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Industrial effluents monitoring
  • Municipal Sewage Effluent
  • Aquaculture monitoring
  • Oceans, rivers, lakes monitoring
  • Process Water
Controller Specifications
Model A7278
Housing  IP67 protection class, anti-UV corrosive material
Dimensions W213* H185* D104.5mm, weight: Approx. 1.5kgs
Parameters Allow mix and match of up to four (4) sensors.
Principle 24 bit high resolution A/D converter; high integrated SMD technology, Signal filtration
Electrical Conditions Power supply range: 90~240VAC
Environmental Conditions Ambient operating temperature: 0 - 40°C Ambient operating humidity: Up to 95% RH non-condensing
Display 4.3”LCD color touch panel display.
Can display to up 8 parameters at one screen.
Data Storage Automatic data storage with capacity up to 5000 historical records. Can expend memory by using USB flash disk. Can back up the data to the Cloud.
Communications TCP、UDP、MQTT With option of Transfer onsite data via NB-IoT/ 4G/ WIFI wireless transmission
Self-diagnosis The system is continuously self-diagnosis. The error management helps to identify problems
Certification CE Mark. Certificate No. 3X180605.KSIUN08
Multi-parameter probe Specification
Feature The system can be equipped with an optional automatic cleaning wiper. This cleaning device could prevent the growth of microorganisms from affecting the monitoring results and improve the quality of monitoring data.
Model Name MP-7010
Parameters • DO:0-20mg/L   (Accuracy: ±2%F.S.±0.5℃; Resolution: 0.01mg/L)
• Turbidity:0~1000NTU  (Accuracy:<3%F.S; Resolution: 0.1NTU)
• Free Chlorine: 0~5 ppm   (Accuracy: ±1.5%F.S.; Resolution: 1uS/cm)
• COD:0~1000mg/L   (Accuracy: ±5%F.S.; Resolution: 0.1mg/L)
• pH:0~14pH   (Accuracy: ±0.1pH; Resolution: 0.01pH)
• Ammonia:0~1000mg/L   (Accuracy: ±10% or ±2mg/L; Resolution: 0.1mg/L)
• Temp: 0~50°C   (Accuracy: ±0.5℃; Resolution: 0.1℃)
Material  POM/ SUS316L
Power  12~24VDC ±10%
Cable Length  Standard 5M (longer length shall be upon request)
Protection Class  IP68
Signal Output  RS-485(Modbus/RTU) With auto-cleaning wiper